Forged with the blood sweat and tears of the mighty dwarf Fythern this massive
greataxe possesses qualities unlike any other weapon known. It also brings
along with it a tale of lost love and eternal sadness. The axe emits a mournful
cry each time it spills blood, a cry of tortued souls, cries that will at times
call upon demons to protect the wielder. Fythern had sworn his soul to these
demons in exchange for eternal life. For his true love in this mortal world had
left him to join the souls of others in the afterlife. Unable to cope with the
loss, Fythern went mad with sadness. His weeping was often uncontrollable and
eventually drove him insane. In an attempt to somehow resurrect his lost love
he made a deal with the Gods of Darkness and Evil that he would bring chaos and
destruction upon the world of mortals all the while collecting the tears of the
loved ones of those he slain. Their tears and sadness are channeled into the
blade of the greataxe which serves as a direct connection to the world of
demons. In the end the Gods allowed Fythern to rest eternally, his existence
was no longer needed for the Gods to gain power in the mortal world. Weeping
Sorrow continues to fall from one to the next as it feeds on the saddness the
dispair and the will of its possessors to inflict pain and suffering across the

Weapon Attack Power:
The Weeping Sorrow is draconic at hitting.
The Weeping Sorrow is envied by the Elder Gods at damage.

Hands Used: 1