Samurais are great warriors, that are hidden in the city of Kaithaan. If you wish to play as a samurai, start from the Center of Gardens in Pesvint to find them.

9e, 3se, 2s, se, 3e, 3se, e, 2se, 6e, n, 2e, 6s, d

Stat RequirementsEdit

What you want to do depending on race and advancement of your choice, is either following....

Str 20, Dex 5
Str 5, Dex 20
Str 20, Con 5

Race RequirementsEdit

Bastet, human, half-elf and half-orc.

Advancement GuidesEdit

ad f to 5
ad f.c to 10
ad f.c.m to 15
max f.c.m.X
max f.c.m
ad f.c.d to 15 - Mostly if high dexterity for better dodging, otherwise skip
max f.c.d.m
max f.c.d
max f.c.s - Optimal, otherwise skip
max f.c
max f
max f.p
max f.c.p
max f.c.r

ad c to 5
ad c.c to 10
ad c.c.m to 15
max c.c.m.x (same as above)
max c.c.m
ad c.d to 10
max c.d.c
max c.d
max c.c
max c
max c.s

Note: With f.c.s, if you advance it, you will have an Invincible Iajaitsu and Super Heroic Dakkar. If you choose to not advance f.c.s, you'll have Super Heroic Iajaitsu and Invincible Dakkar. With a high enough strength, it's possible to get the Invincible rating in both Iajaitsu and Dakkar without advancing f.c.s, it just takes a little effort.

If you are interested of doing f.c.d.melee, try to have as high dexterity as possible for better dodging attacks from your enemies. You can also have better strength instead of dexterity, but I'm not sure how good your dodging will be when being hit even if it works good, depending if you are more of a samurai with power or dodging.