Mournsong, while one of the most beautiful swords of power to ever be forged by
the elves, has a most tragic history. Given to one of the first Elven kings, he
wielded it against his own people when he followed the commands of Lolth and
betrayed them. It is said that this sword struck the first blow of that
terrible war. It was redeemed when the elven hero T'langlar disarmed the fallen
king and beheaded him with Mournsong. The sword has been used by many of the
mightiest Bladesingers of all elven lore ever since.

Weapon Attack Power:
The Frosted Mournsong, Blade of War is exceptional at hitting.
The Frosted Mournsong, Blade of War is worthy of legend at damage.

Hands Used: 1

Elf Only