Years ago Nebethet Lochannan commissioned the creation of a series of claws that
would draw upon the lifeblood of their victim. She asked for a total of three
pair, each being more powerful then the next. They were to be used as gifts to
the top occultists, for these weapons made the hands of beasts formidable
weapons. As with most powerful artefacts these were highly sought after.
Before Nebethet could present the claws to the occultists, a Shadowthief
infiltrated the guild and stole the artefacts. Years passed before they were
discovered and the occultists of the time journeyed long and far to retrieve the
claws. As they returned they were ambushed by the great dragon Vampir. With no
time to prepare for a lengthy battle the occultists soon fell and ever since
these claws have been in the possession of the blood thirsty dragon Vampir.

Weapon Attack Power:
The Life Drinker is excellent at hitting.
The Life Drinker is exceptional at damage.

Hands Used: 1