It's very simple.

You're out to kick everyone else's butt. None of this dancing around, hand-waving, sneak-stabbing, heaven-fearing sheep dung. We're talking fighters, and that's some serious fewmets. We rely on fighting, we're good at fighting, and we win at fighting. A mage casting a spell? Run him through and see if he explodes. A sneaky ninja in the shadows? See how she likes doing head-kicks with both legs in traction. We solve our problems by making sure they'll never walk away, and never mind the blood because that's all part of having the sharper sword, the better instincts, the bigger muscles, and the tougher hides.

Sure, I'll show you how to fix up your weapon if it gets a few knicks, but you'd better be sure the other guy is in worse shape, or I'll have to give you a few private lessons. Take your shots, but deal them out harder. You'll learn how to throw any sort of handy missile weapon through the chinks in the other guy's armour at 20 paces while taking on six other critters, all the while not even working up a sweat. And when it comes to bare fists, nobody better try to take on one of us, because it's a losing proposition in anyone's book. The higher you get, the tougher you are. Kill first, ask questions later, and maybe think it over during dinner. Whatever happens, you'll be the one walking away.

Stat Requirements

Race Requirements

All races are welcome in the Fighters Guild!

Advancement Guides

Nathan's Fighter Adplan

ad f to 5
ad f.c to 10
ad f.c.m to 15
ad f.c.m.X to 400 (X = Sharp, Pierce, Blunt, Unarmed. Your choice)
ad f.c.s to 300 (Do not need to max special to get maxed strike/rampage/frenzy)
ad f.c.p to 400
ad f.c.m to 400
ad f.c to 400
ad f to 400
ad f.p to 400

This max is the most balanced, It gives you the maximum melee ability and parry, while keeping your special attacks maxed (Unlike the max below)

Shashak's Hitpoints Fighter Adplan

ad f to 5
max f.p
max f
max f.c.m.X (X = Sharp, Pierce, Blunt, Unarmed. Your choice)
max f.c.m
max f.c
max f.c.p
max f.c.r
max f.c.d
max f.c.s

Final level: 515

This advancement takes a long time to advance, and are mostly for fighters with very high HP's since your f.p gets to 597, while their offensive f.c.m.X gets to 706. This should be done mostly with a dwarf since they get +3 extra in constitution, alternative orcs and half-orcs with +2 in constitution. Works good to due to their high strength too. Try this only if you're patient enough to try something new. If you ad either parry, special or both after doing f.c.m, your final level will reach to 523 instead of 515, but you will get weaker in your f.c.m.X with a few levels (666 if doing one, 627 if both).